Monday, November 29, 2010

Wedding Time

On August 6 Andrew and I were privileged to help Angela Reynolds-Shelenberger with her wedding. I served as coordinator and Andrew served as the Bible bearer.

Andrew's MP3 player came in handy during the photo session and wait until the wedding.

Andrew with the flower girls!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Once Upon a Time...Story Land

A vacation is never complete for Andrew without a trip to Story Land. As you can see he turned into a tour guide with his map.

This year he was tall enough to ride by himself...Mom was left on the sidelines watching and taking pictures.

The Bamboo ride was one that we did not let him ride alone due to his light weight. I even took my turn with him.

Summer Vacation--New Hampshire

Once again we made our way to New Hampshire. This time we stayed for two weeks. Very Relaxing. Went to the same cozy cabin that we love and hiked to many falls in the White Mountains.

Stan and I resting after a 2 mile hike (straight up) to the summit.

Holding onto a seven-year old at the dangerous but beautiful Sabbaday Falls.

Jackson Falls near our cabin.

Beautiful cascades along the way to a falls that we could not reach because the water was too deep at the stream crossing from the previous nights rain.