Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Father's Church

My father was taken to the Meadville AWM Church as an infant. I remember attending here many time with my parents during visits to my Durfee grandparents.

My Uncle Jim is standing in front of the Meadville Church. He has spent many, many hours of maintenance keeping the church beautiful.

Andrew in front of the church sign.


My dear Aunt Mary (my dad's sister) was honored as Mother-of-the-Year at her church this morning.

My Uncle David giving a tribute to Aunt Mary.

Uncle Jim is holding a cell phone through which my Cousin Byron was giving greetings to my Aunt Mary. (Byron had his own service to speak in so was unable to attend his mother's service.)

Aunt Mary receiving her gift...she was completely surprised.
We enjoyed a meal at my Cousin Bethany's house. Uncle David along with my Cousin Dawn and her husband Gus were at the meal. What a treat for all of us to be together!

My Mother's Day Gift

Last week Andrew used some of his gift money to buy me a Mother's Day balloon and a candle holder. Today he gave me another gift that he had made at school. A goblet with a stained glass effect and a battery run candle inside!! Oh, how I love my little fellow. He has brought me sooo much joy!!

Beautiful Drive

On our way home from the mother-daughter banquet I took some shots of the beautiful countryside. The slant of the sun was perfect on the new spring foliage. God's beautiful world!!

Mother-Daughter Banquet

Mom and I were invited by my sister to a mother-daughter banquet. Here we are with my sister and her two daughters, Doenisha and Annie. Lovely meal and fellowship. The preacher's daughter sang several songs as part of the program. Beautiful singer!!